About Our Club

The purpose of our club is to promote goodwill for the club and club members; to provide social and recreational activities; and to preserve and promote Italian automobiles, motorcycles & scooters. Also, as a non-profit organization, the club has always taken the position that any excess funds collected beyond those needed for club or ItalianCarFest business should be donated to charitable or non-profit organizations.

Although based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metroplex, the ICCS has members throughout Texas and several from outside the state.

The club was founded in 2002 as the Fiat Club of North Texas. But more meetings were held, the group grew and a wide variety of marques and their owners attended ItalianCarFest. Many of these people joined the club, so it only seemed appropriate to change the club name to be less marque-specific and to reflect the broadening range of the membership base. Thus the "Italian Car Club of the Southwest".

Previous ICCS logo:

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